My holiday is over.

  • My holiday is over, unfortunately.What a wonderful time I had with my family ❤ I could have easily got used to hot sunny weather everyday, lounging by the pool & spending long day’s at the beach surrounded by the people I love.
    I don’t think I’ve laughed so much in a long time, and more to the point it was great to see my dad enjoying his holiday, be it only for 2 weeks he could forget about the pancreatic cancer,his chemotherapy and his radiotherapy on our return.
  • Having autoimmune diseases myself I was at times absolutely shattered but I pushed myself to the limits & yes it was totally worth it 🙂
  • I must say I think I fell in love with Mallorca, it’s simply beautiful in every way, I stayed near palma nova beach, only a 4 minute walk to get to the beach.
  • Also a very child friendly place with lots to do and food to suit everyone.
  • I’ll share a couple of pictures of my time on holiday & in another post I’ll share my holiday products that I used every day.
    I hope everyone is well & happy and thanks for reading. Much love xo
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