Hello there you lovely lot, it’s been a while since my last life update, so I thought it’s about time I motivated myself.

Some of you might have noticed I have a new blog design from pipdig and I am also self hosted, I am delighted with my theme, and very thankful to Phil from pipdig for doing everything for me. Obviously I still have some tweaking to do and not being the most technologically advanced person it’s providing me with some problems, but I’ll get there eventually.

My last post was mostly about my dad, and it’s unbelievable that on the 24th of February it’s been over a year since he passed, his death is still in the hands of the fatal accident inquiry team! Grief is horrendously bad at any time, but when you can’t get closure, it’s messed up.
I’m definitely going to see a councillor at some point.

I also told you about some medical problems I had and tests I was awaiting, I got the results of those and thankfully I didn’t have a stroke, but I’ve been diagnosed with HM or Hemiplegic Migraine that causes stroke like symptoms as well as typical migraine. I’ve suffered from some left sided paralysis mostly on my face, it’s still noticeable and I’m not sure if it will improve, my speech is challenging at times, some days I speak utter nonsense, although I think I’m speaking properly!

I don’t mind if I’m with a family member or a friend but my main worry is, if I’m out alone and speak to someone in gobbledegook and they just nod politely, maybe thinking I’m drunk! it’s a tad worrying and embarrassing if I’m honest!

It was also my birthday in February and I decided to get my nipples pierced. I already have numerous piercings but never got around to getting those, due to previous surgery! My eldest daughter got hers done, and I thought why not!

I also stopped smoking, I did give up in the past when I was pregnant and breastfeeding but I always started again, so far I’m 8 month’s smoke free, pats myself on the back!

I have two trips planned so far this year, the first being Ibiza for a weekend, l fly out on the 11th of this month, I’m attending a opening of a club with my mum, no children, so that should be fun and the retail therapy has been fantastic.

Anyhoo, new blog, new start. I’m looking forward to getting back into my blog and social media.

As always thank you for taking the time to read. Much Love xo